Our Company

Chandra Yoga & Active Wear is an athletic apparel company whose foundation was built with four simple concepts of fashion, quality, value and charity. Our Mission is to design and provide high-fashion and proper fitting yoga and active wear, exercise accessories, yoga mats, and other merchandise related to yoga, Pilates, and sports activities, using the best quality materials and components at a price point offering an excellent value for the money, while also manufacturing the items in countries that may benefit from the work, and giving back to the communities that need the help through World Vision as an Official Partner.

As the founder, being an avid yoga enthusiast, I love the fact that yoga is rapidly growing in popularity with people taking care of themselves more while also wanting to look great doing so. I frequently purchased new patterned clothing and accessories every month, but didn’t feel justified in doing so, as that didn’t contribute to helping others and giving back to the community as part of my core values. Therefore, I decided to open a company to help people look and feel great with the core values I believe in, roped my Californian husband into helping design the products, and Chandra Yoga & Active Wear was born.

Founder of Chandra Yoga & Active Wear

Cindy Simmons

Mother of three wild boys, yoga fanatic, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and founder of Chandra Yoga & Active Wear.

Helping those in need originates at the forefront of our production processes, and not only through our donations to World Vision from every product sold. For the patterns and artwork of our clothing and products, we utilize artistic creators in third world and developing countries, allowing them to earn a good living from remote areas. Our clothing patterns are fine-tuned using several different nationality body-types to ensure they fit real people and not only fashion models. Materials are sourced that will have longevity through multiple washings and are of the highest quality. The factories that produce our active wear and accessories have been personally inspected to ensure that they provide safe and good working conditions, not just “fair”, and that they only employ legal-age employees. Pricing is set low to encourage customers to buy our products that are of the highest quality that also give back to those in need through World Vision. Eco-friendliness is part of the core values as well, utilizing recycled components wherever possible.

Knowing that our company is selling products of the highest quality that are manufactured in underprivileged areas, while assisting those producing them through fair pricing, and also helping children in need by giving a donation from every item purchased to World Vision, allows us to feel good about what we do and we hope that you will help spread the word about our company by wearing our yoga and active wear.